Blogging – Best way to make money online. If you’re good at writing in Hindi or English then you can make good money through Blogging.


Affiliate Marketing – You can sell the third party products or services and you will get the commission on behalf of each sell.


Email Marketing – You need to capture the email addresses of the targeted people and you will start selling your own products or company’s product by sending promotional email.


Product Launching – You need to create your own products such as ebook, software, apps and launched it over the internet & make the sale. You can also do this for clients.


Freelancing – You need to sell your skills and services over the internet without creating own website on different freelancing platforms. You will get hired by companies.


Fiverr – It is a platform where you can acquire projects based on your expertise and start working and making money.


Get Paid To – You will get paid by doing simple activities over the internet like writing reviews, viewing ads, watching videos, playing games, completing the simple survey and many more.


YouTube – You can make videos based on your interest and upload it on YouTube. When your channel gets monetized, you will start earning from YouTube.


Content Writing – You can earn a good amount by writing content for others. You just need to know the format of writing. If your content impresses others, you will get paid well.