Abhay Ranjan Profile

abhay ranjan profile


2014 – After engineering, I began my career as a Junior SEO Executive.

2015 – Worked on over 50 projects and mastered SEO from basic to advanced.

2016 – After working with four companies, I left my job (as Digital Marketing Manager) to build my startup. I then started Shopbudd.com & AbhayRanjan.com.

2017 – Failed in e-commerce website, then transitioned to focusing on personal branding.

2018 – Created a webpage on my site for digital marketing training and transitioned into a fully-fledged trainer.

2019 – Opened my institute in Jaipur, but it was a complete roller coaster ride. However, I persist in moving forward.

2020 – To me, it didn’t feel like a lockdown at all. I worked hard on digital branding and opened up all opportunities.

2021 -Receiving opportunities from around the world. Successfully ranked my website for numerous keywords.

2022 – Became a guest faculty and mentor for MBA programs at several colleges, universities, and ed-tech startups.

2023-24 – Completed over 250 projects, conducted 350+ workshops and instructed more than 10,000 students in digital marketing. Additionally, achieved success as a motivational speaker and expert in ChatGPT.

Abhay Ranjan Profile

My Odyssey: From Engineer to Digital Guru

Chapter 1: The Technical Springboard (2014)

Fresh out of engineering school, I took my first plunge into the digital world as a Junior SEO Executive. It was a new frontier, a world of algorithms and website optimization. Little did I know, this initial step would spark a lifelong journey of exploration and learning.

Chapter 2: Mastering the Craft (2015)

Like a sponge, I soaked up knowledge, working on over 50 projects in a single year. SEO, from its basic principles to advanced strategies, became second nature. But the hunger to create, to build something of my own, grew stronger.

Chapter 3: Taking the Leap (2016)

After honing my skills across four companies, I decided to take the entrepreneurial leap. With a head full of ideas, I launched Shopbudd.com and AbhayRanjan.com, ready to conquer the e-commerce world.

Chapter 4: The Pivot (2017)

The e-commerce venture, though valuable in the lessons learned, wasn’t meant to be. But failures are often stepping stones in disguise. I redirected my focus, turning my attention to the power of personal branding.

Chapter 5: From Learner to Teacher (2018)

Fueled by my SEO expertise and newfound passion for personal branding, I created a dedicated training section on my website. Soon, I found myself transitioning from student to teacher, a fully-fledged digital marketing trainer.

Chapter 6: Building a Dream (2019)

The dream of a physical institute took root, and I opened my doors in Jaipur. The journey wasn’t smooth sailing, a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. But through it all, the spirit of perseverance remained.

Chapter 7: Seizing Opportunities (2020)

The world went into lockdown, but for me, it was a period of immense growth. Untapped potential flourished as I delved deeper into the world of digital branding, opening a doorway of possibilities.

Chapter 8: Global Recognition (2021)

My website thrived, ranking for numerous keywords, and my expertise started reaching far and wide. Opportunities came pouring in from across the globe, a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

Chapter 9: Sharing the Knowledge (2022)

The desire to share knowledge transcended borders. I became a guest faculty and mentor for MBA programs, enriching young minds in colleges, universities, and ed-tech startups.

Chapter 10: The Journey Continues (2023-24)

The odyssey unfolds… Over 250 projects completed, 350+ workshops conducted, and more than 10,000 students empowered with the knowledge of digital marketing. The path has led me to success as a motivational speaker and an expert in the fascinating world of ChatGPT.

This is just the beginning. The story continues, with new chapters waiting to be written. Stay tuned!