Are you ready to start your WordPress Blog?

Or You have started it before?

But, still struggling to rank for your keywords in the search engine.

You need to perform On-Page SEO Checklist for WordPress Blog, it is highly recommended.

Go with these tips from now in your upcoming blog post. You can also modify or update your old blog post and reindex it to the search engine with fetch as Google.

  • Title Tag

Use your targeted keywords in the Title of your blog post.

  • Meta Description

With the use of your targeted keyword, write an informative description for your blog post. Do not forget to add title tag in the meta description.

  • SEO Friendly URL

Use short and keyword rich URL for your blog post, it will rank fast.

  • Heading Tag

H1 – In WordPress, Title is taken as H1 automatic.

H2 -Target Important Keyword in the Sub-Heading.

  • Internal Linking

Add at least 2-3 links to your own blog links in your blog post. Make sure the links are relevant to this blog post.

  • Use Keyword in first 100 words

Your targeted keyword must be included in first 100 words of your blog post. Your keywords must be filtered out with Keyword Analysis.

  • Image Optimization

Do not forget to mention Alt Tag while uploading Images to your blog post. Use the targeted keyword in Alt Tag.

  • Keyword Density

Keyword density is the % of the no. of times a keyword appears on a page divided by the total number of words on that page.

Keyword density = (Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100

Note – Use 1-3% of keyword density along with LSI keywords & Semantic Keywords in a blog post.

  • Multimedia Content

Use attractive Image, Interesting & Entertaining Videos, and Informative Infographics so that user engage well, it will also help in reducing bounce rate of your blog.

  • Use Modifiers in Blog Title

Modifiers are the words that are often used in searching nowadays by the user.

  • How To
  • List-Related Numbers
  • Free
  • You
  • Tips
  • Why
  • Best
  • Tricks
  • Great

On Page SEO Checklist for WordPress Blog

  • Boost Site Speed

Check your blog speed and performance with & optimize it.

  • Responsive Design

Check whether your blog is responsive of your with Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

  • Use Social Media Buttons
Enable Social Media Sharing Buttons at your Blog.
After going through all these On Page SEO checklists on my blog, I found a huge difference in website ranking.
I have also checked the SEO On Page Score with SEO Site Checker & result is in front of you.
on page seo score
Hope this On-Page SEO Checklist for WordPress Blog will help you.
All the best!