YouTube Monetization Rule 2018

To Monetize your channel in 2018, you should have (In last 12 months)
1. 1000 subscribers
2. 4000 hours watch time


Steps to enable monetization on YouTube-

1. Log in to YouTube Account
2. In right, click on My Channel
3. Click on Customize channel
4. Click on Video Manager
5. It will redirect you to YouTube ( (YouTube Studio)
6. On the extreme bottom left, click on Creator Studio Classic
7. Give a reason for the switch
8. Click on Channel
9. Click on Monetization (Learn More)
10. Accept YouTube Partner Program
11. Link your account to Adsense (create new if you using the first time)
12. Set Monetization preferences
13. Then automatically it will be get reviewed if reached the threshold and follows YouTube Guidelines.

If still faces the problem or your channel is under review for a long time,

Watch this video to know HOW TO MONETIZE YOUTUBE CHANNEL 2018