December 2022 link spam update – Google has released a new algorithm update.

It is to leverage the power of Spam Brain to neutralize the impact of unnatural links on search results. Furthermore, this update is targeting websites that create unnatural, unethical, and automated backlinks to rank the websites. Hence it is always recommended to hire reliable SEO Services for all inbound links.f unnatural links on search results.

It is going to roll out in two weeks completely.


This is also called December 2022 link spam update.

What is SPAM according to google –



Hacked content

Hidden text and links

Keyword stuffing

Link spam

Machine-generated traffic

Malware and malicious behaviors

Misleading functionality

Scraped content

Sneaky redirects

Spammy automatically-generated content

Thin affiliate pages

User-generated spam

The changes introduced in this update are targeted at websites that use link building to artificially generate traffic and increase rankings.

The new update will penalize websites that are found to be involved in the distribution of spam links on their website.

Google’s algorithm update has been designed to combat the spread of spam links, which are known to be used by spammers to increase their rankings in search engine results pages.

The company announced on Thursday that it has made some changes to its search ranking algorithm to help prevent users from being tricked into clicking on bogus links. The changes will also help protect against phishing and malware, as well as other types of spam.

Google said the changes will affect “a small percentage of queries,” but in general, they should make it easier for users to find relevant information when searching for something specific on Google.

These changes will affect both commercial and non-commercial websites, but it’s unlikely that you’ll see much change for most small business owners or non-profits.

What is Google Algorithm Update?

Google Algorithm Update is a process that Google uses to keep its search engine relevant. This update is done every few months to ensure that the search results are relevant, up-to-date, and in line with the user’s expectations.

Google Algorithm Update usually has three main benefits:

The algorithm update helps Google in maintaining high-quality content on its site. The algorithm update helps Google in keeping its users satisfied with the quality of their search results. It ensures that the user gets what he/she wants from the search engine and does not get confused by irrelevant searches or irrelevant information.

The algorithm update also helps Google in keeping it safe from botnets and other cyber attacks which can compromise its site security and privacy.

Google has recently updated its algorithm to address several issues, including the spread of fake news and harmful content.

The update is not a major change, but it will affect how search results appear in Google’s mobile apps, including Google Maps and Search.

Here’s what you need to know about the update and how it could impact your website:

What is a google algorithm update?

Google updates its algorithms regularly to help users find relevant information. These updates are designed to improve the user experience by eliminating low-quality or irrelevant results from search results. The company says this helps keep its users safe from fake news, scams, and other misleading content.

How often does a google algorithm update occur?

Google usually releases an update every few months or so. The most recent one was released in December 2018 and included changes related to mobile apps and shopping experiences on desktop sites. In addition, this update also addressed some issues related to spammy links or links that lead to malicious sites (e.g., phishing attacks).

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