Best job-oriented course after graduation

You have surely heard about the best courses to make a career after 12 th class or after graduation course.

Am I right? I am sure you also agree with it. But have you ever heard or listened about the best job-oriented course after graduation or post-graduation? I guess you partially know about it. So don’t worry I am here to aware and tell you about the best job-oriented course after graduation which is termed the “ digital marketing course ‘’

Yes, you have heard right, it’s a digital marketing course that allows you to make a successful emerging career after completion of your graduation and post-graduation courses.

As you know the world is changing rapidly from the traditional approach to the modern approach. The world is approaching digital transformation completely with gradual steps. Especially in India, since the Modi government stepped into the political kingdom as the central government in 2014, India has emerged as a new digital hub in the past 8 years or so. Modi’s government has created an emphasis on the “ make in India ‘’ digital program in 2015 so that foreign investors and foreign countries can make investments in India in the digital domain so that Indian democracy makes a tremendous move toward the digital revolution.

The Digital revolution came to its absolute peak when reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani launched a project known as “ Jio digital services “ in the year 2016. Reliance then launched a free 4g jio sim campaign in the Indian democratic context for mobile devices. The main aim of Jio was to deliver its best digital internet services to the people of India so that they could access their loved ones, friends, and relatives with a tap of a finger through text messages, free calls, and free internet messaging services on their mobile devices.

This helped reliance jio to, capture a wide market arena of Indian telecom services to a wider great extent. 2016 was the actual year when the digital revolution started. With affordable internet plans for people, reliance took the digital revolution to the next step. Through this, the era of digital marketing courses started. Digital marketing is a term that means marketing or promotion of products and services through digital mode.

It was named with the fusion of two names ‘digital ‘ and ‘ marketing ‘. Many e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and shop clues made their apps in the market on the google play store and apple store respectively so that people have easy access to shop for various online products from the comfort of their homes.

From then till now, the digital marketing domain has been rapidly on an upward trend since then. People order their favorite products and goods online from various e-commerce apps like Flipkart and Amazon majorly without having trouble with the offline shops removing the problem of cashless payment that people make those payments online from their comfort at any time.

So highlighting these benefits of digital marketing speaks the volume of this star domain below:

1 person can shop online

2 people can book a movie and match tickets online.

3. People can pay for their electricity and other household or official bills just with a tap of a finger through a mobile.

4. Sellers and suppliers can market or promote their products through various websites, blogs, articles, or through backlinks on various e-commerce apps so sellers need not worry about the ease of selling their goods and services online.

There is a wider scope in the digital marketing domain. The Digital Marketing domain includes the following groups or domains:

1 SEO ( search engine optimization)

2 SEM ( search engine marketing )

3 SMM ( social media marketing )

4 email marketing

5 content marketing


7 affiliate Marketing

8 influencer marketing

9 e-commerce marketing

10 web analytics.

These are the main digital marketing domains through which any working professional, student, and housewife can make their emerging careers in the digital marketing arena.

People can rank organically on a website without paying any money free through search engine optimization ( SEO ). Budding digital marketers can become SEO analysts and SEO executives as well in this domain.

People can also rank ads by paying some sort of money to Google through bidding on ads to rank ads through money inorganically. In this domain, budding digital marketers can make their careers as SEM marketers, SEM analysts, and so on. People can also promote their products through various social media platforms, apps, and sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more social media platforms. Budding digital marketers can also transform their careers as social media marketers in this domain.

Advertisers and suppliers can also promote their products by designing emails for people for selling their products and services through email by sending them on their respective devices easily in promotional email segments. Budding digital marketers can also make their careers as email marketers in this domain. Suppliers can also make their careers as content marketers by writing blogs and articles for various websites online in the content marketing domain.

Suppliers and promoters can also promote and sell their products through e-commerce websites and apps such as Flipkart, and Amazon so that budding digital marketer can make their careers as e-commerce marketers. People can also promote their products through influencers such as celebrities or an expert person in that domain as influencers so that promotion can be done through word of mouth.

Budding digital marketers can make their careers as influencer marketers also. People can also promote their products or services through affiliate marketing which includes the promotion of products of other companies through links and backlinks on their pages so that after selling those services, companies give a certain amount of commission to that person for the promotion. Budding digital marketers can also make their careers as affiliate marketers.

People can also make their careers as paid marketers through PPC and they can also make their careers as web analytics experts which includes tracking information on traffic and the number of people who viewed our landing page in this domain. So concluding, if you all folks have to transform your careers tremendously with ecstatic feats, then the digital marketing domain is the right path for you.

The estimated digital marketing field will reach trillions of businesses by 2025 or 2030 and in the next 20-30 years will be termed the digital marketing era of the 21st century if I am not mistaken. Here you can earn a handsome income and achieve respect and dignity if you work absolutely hard with sheer determination in this field and your life will transform with absolute ease.

So get ready folks, the digital marketing arena is waiting to join hands with you in this progressively digital era.

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