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Advanced Digital Marketing Training

Give a Boost to Your Career in Digital Marketing.

Learn from the Google Partner – Google Certified – Industry Expert Professional.

Introduction to My Digital Marketing Training Program

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting services or products through the digital medium or online. It is basically the art of getting customers to your business through online channels.

Digital Marketing helps small businesses in promoting their products or services worldwide through the digital medium such as websites, apps, blogs, social media, email & so on.

Your small business is visible in your locality only, if you want exposure, you should go with digital marketing.

Now, every business either small or big is building its platform over the internet for big exposure, you can also make this happen. It is not so costly or time taking, you can opt for this easily by learning digital marketing.

Who can join the Digital Marketing Course – 

  • Anyone can learn Digital Marketing
  • No Coding Knowledge is required
  • 12th Passed/Graduate/Professional

Digital Marketing can be helpful in –

  • Personal Branding
  • Job
  • Entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing is the next big game –

  • People are using Facebook, Youtube, Blogs to find information and entertainment instead of TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine now.
  • Now, Companies are advertising where people engage themselves i.e online.
  • Digital Marketing is in high demand for this & Digital Marketing Professional required to manage ads campaign.
  • India is now 2nd largest Internet User Country after Chain.

Scope in India (Current Scenario) –

  • It is the fastest-growing sector in India.
  • It is a new field in India.
  • Now, many big companies are introducing in this field.
  • Lots of job opportunities coming up in this sector in India.
  • Companies offering a handsome salary to Digital Marketing Professional.

What you will learn in the Digital Marketing Course –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Mobile Web Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Mobile App Optimization

Digital Marketing training in Jaipur

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Detailed Syllabus –

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing v/s Sales

What is Digital Marketing

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Understanding Traffic & Leads

Types of Marketing Activities


Search Engine Optimization

Understanding SEO

Keyword Planning

Meta Tags and Meta Description

Website Content Optimization

Back Link Strategies

Internal and External Links

Optimizing Site Structure

Keywords in Blog and Articles

Others On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Mobile SEO

eCommerce SEO

Optimizing with Google Algorithms

Using the Webmaster Tool

Measuring SEO Effectiveness


Facebook Marketing

Profiles and Pages

Business Categories

Getting Assets Ready

Page Info and Settings

Featured Video

Pin Post and Highlights

Scheduling Posts

Facebook Events

Reply and Message

Facebook Insights Reports

Competitor’s Facebook Page

Connect with Twitter & Pinterest


Facebook Ad Campaigns

Organic v/s Paid

Defining Ad Objective

Performance Matrix

Ad Components

Designing Creative Image

Facebook Ad Structure

Setting Up Facebook Ad Account

Create Ad – Targeting

Create Ad – Budgeting

Create Ad – Creative

Content and CTA

Boosting Page Posts

Page Promotion

Video Promotion

Similar Ads and Audiences

Tracking Pixels Code

Remarketing – Website Visitors

Custom Audiences – Look-Alike

Custom Audience – Saved Group

Managing and Editing Ads

Ad Reports and Ad Insights

Billing and Account


Google Adwords Basics

Understanding Adwords

Google Ad Types

Pricing Models

PPC Cost Formula

Ad Page Rank

Billing and Payments

Adwords User Interface

Keyword Planning

Keywords Control

Creating Ad Campaigns

Creating Text Ads

Creating Ad Groups

Bidding Strategy for CPC

Practical Examples


Other Measuring Tools

Bidding Strategy on Location

Bidding Strategy on Schedule

Bidding Strategy on Devices

Conversion Tracking Code

Designing Image Ads

Creating Video Ads

Youtube Video Promotion

Practical Examples

Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing Rules

Remarketing Tracking Code

Linking Google Analytics


LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest

Organic & Paid approach


Email Marketing

Email Software and Tools

Importing Email Lists

Planning Email Campaign

Email Templates and Designs

Sending HTML Email Campaigns

WebForms Lead Importing

Integrating Landing Page Forms

Campaign Reports and Insights


Re-Marketing Strategies

Understanding Re-Marketing Flow

Email Re-Marketing Strategy

Segmentation Re-Marketing Strategy

Facebook ReMarketing

Google Adwords ReMarketing

Pixels and Tracking Cycle

Video ReMarketing

Custom Audience ReMarketing

Engagement Re-Marketing


Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool

Web Analytics

Integrating with Website

Measurement Metrics

Accounts and Profiles

Analytics Reporting

Sorting, Filter and Time Chart

Audience Segmentation

Traffic and Behaviour Reports

Remarketing Audiences

Goals and Conversion Reports

Developing Intelligence Report

Google Webmaster Tool

Setting up Tool for SEO

Adding and Managing Assets

Integrating Webmaster Tool

Site Map and Site Links

Search Traffic and Links

Google Indexing

Managing Crawl Errors

Managing Security Issues


Affiliate Marketing and AdSense


Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Sources to Make Money Online

Selecting Affiliate Program

Applying for an Affiliate

Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion

Payments and Payouts

CPC, CPA, CPI and other metrics

Getting Most Conversions

Day to Day Work Scheduling

Managing Affiliate Accounts



Google AdSense Account Setup

Placing Ads on Website

Placing Ads on Blogs

YouTube Video Monetization

Allowing and Blocking Ads

Performance Metrics

Digital marketing course fee in Jaipur

Rs. 25000 for 3 months duration.

Why Abhay Ranjan is the best digital marketing trainer in Jaipur :

  • Offering digital marketing training programs from the last 6 years
  • 50+ hours of the classroom program, live sessions
  • Over 100+ hours of Live, Hands-on Exercises & Projects
  • Placement Support for full time/freelancing/internship opportunities
  • Digital marketing training partner for Google Partners Academy
  • Learn from the Google Partner – Google Certified – Industry Expert Professional.

Who is Abhay Ranjan?

Best Digital marketing expert in Jaipur

  • Graduated in 2014 (B.Tech), I started working as a Digital Marketing Professional.
  • Worked with many companies as a Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • Worked for many e-commerce websites like,, &
  • Blogging at about Digital Marketing.
  • No.1 Digital Marketing Profile at in Jaipur.

Digital Marketing Course Fees in Jaipur

Our fees are 25000 for both online/offline training.

Duration – 3 months

Registration Link –

Call OR Whatsapp @ 09929096928 for Digital Marketing Training or Consultancy.

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