Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Find out Best Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Go through these basic questions of Digital Marketing before facing your dream job Interviews.

  • What is Backlink?
  • What is Forum Posting?
  • Why is Blog Commenting Important?
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Name some useful online marketing tools?
  • What is quality backlinks?
  • Why is Blog important?
  • How many types of listing in web directory?
  • What is web directory?
  • Why we need a robots.txt file?
  • What is keyword density & what is its formula for calculation?
  • Name some black hat SEO techniques?
  • For SEO, which is better text links or graphics links?
  • What is Landing Page?
  • What is most important area to include your keywords?
  • What do you mean by anchor text?
  • What are the limitations of title & description tags?
  • What is the difference between On Page SEO & Off Page SEO?
  • How does Search Engine work?
  • What are other most search engine?
  • What is a search engine?
  • Why we do SEO?
  • What is Social Meta Tag?
  • What is your important tip for SEO?
  • What is Google Adwords?
  • Explain Search Engine Marketing?
  • What is Sitemap?
  • What is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?
  • What is Google Webmaster Tool?
  • What is SMO & how it is useful?
  • What is Page Rank?
  • What is Alexa Rank?
  • What is Inbound Digital Marketing?
  • How to do keyword analysis?
  • Name few blogs that you read to keep updated?
  • What is PPC?
  • What should be the approach for effective Pay Per Click campaigns?
  • How do you think your experience of digital marketing will benefit your business?
  • Explain your Digital Marketing Strategies?
  • These were some of the best Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers Guide which can help you in digital marketing interview. Read my blogs and keep yourself updated. Learn more about SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, Google Adwords etc. & get yourself hired because the job openings in digital marketing is huge.If you find any query regarding any question, feel free to ask me through

    If you find any query regarding any question, feel free to ask me through the comment section.


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