Hello all, I am sharing with you all the case study of one of my proposal for viral marketing.

The brand deal with online shopping for shocks.

Viral Marketing Campaign Strategies (One Week)–


Platforms to be utilized for viral marketing –

  1. Social Media
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Google Ads
  4. Quora
  5. Blog Networks


Social Media –

We need to increase our posting schedule on various social media networks.

Currently, 1-2 posting a day, we need to increase it to 5-6 posting a day.

We are going to publish 3 posts showing our discount and offers.

We are going to use all hashtags related to Avenger Movie in our promotions.

We can create “Avenger Selfie Contest” with our Products and give a specific discount to them and ask them to share in their own network.






YouTube (if possible)


Quora –

We are going to follow all the threads related to “Avenger Movie” and, give the answer to them in a way that it won’t look spam. Each answer is going to include 2-3 product links.

(4-5 questions a day)



Facebook Ads –

We are going to create different ads based on different factors related to “Avenger Movie”. We are going to use all behavior related to Captain America & Spiderman (Avenger). Also, our ads will show all discounted offers running at our site to attract visitors.


Google Ads

We are going to run Search ads and display ads. Our search ads will include keywords related to the “Avenger Movie” “Avenger End Game“ with our product keywords.

If possible then create one specific landing page related to Avenger movie promotions. (I will guide in this).

Blog Networks

We are going to write blogs related to the keywords “Avenger Movie” “Captain America” & “Spiderman”. Each blog post will include 5-6 product links.

We can also approach bloggers, who are writing on “Avenger Movie” and asked them to add our links.