Best free tools for SEO Audit of a website

I have done SEO AUDIT of this website.

You can see the important points.

Configure your domain redirects from non-original pages versions – Not working

Keyword not in Meta Title

Keyword not in Meta Description (Length is too long)

Heading Tag not properly done

Not enough content on Site

Image Alt Tag Missing

Anchor Tag Missing and not optimized

Missing Keyword in Content of all Pages (Content Optimization not done)

Hreflang Tag is missing

Robots.txt not done properly

XML Sitemap – Last crawl 30-06-2019

This web page’s text is too small for legibility on mobile devices.

Your website does not have a custom 404 Error Page.

Your mobile site speed is 6.1 seconds in 

India (4G) networks.


Slow sites start to load in over 3 seconds.

Note – Website is not optimized according to SEO


Best free tools for SEO Audit of a website

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