Email marketing and Facebook Marketing are most useful campaign strategies used in online marketing.

Both have direct impact & leads to getting best results when done properly.

I suggest you, Use Facebook when your aim is to engage the audience and to make more sales. While, use email marketing when you want to involve in getting traffic, reach & direct conversions.

Using both is always the best choice for Online Branding.

Statistic Difference between Facebook Marketing & Email Marketing

Email Marketing  or Facebook Marketing

Total number of users   2.6 billion             1.7 billion

First online “check” of the day   58%        11%

Use this channel at least daily     91%        57%

Prefer this channel for permission-based promotional messages              77%        4%

Most frequently used channel for personal messages    45%        12%

Users check here for a deal from a company they know                44%        4%

Users who made a purchase as the result of a marketing message       66%        20%

Customers Acquired       7%          <1%

Inbox Placement Rate/Organic Reach     79%        1-6%

Open/Click-Through/Engagement Rate   18%       3.7%

Distribution of Global Content Sharing Activities                4%          57%

Delivers an Excellent ROI              21%        15%

Customer Lifetime Value              +12%     +1%


What is your favorite one, reply to the comment.