Find out the difference between Traditional Media v/s Social Media –
What is your source of information nowadays, is it the media or the social media?
Which one makes you updated either the media or the social media?
What is your approach to reading current news either the media or the social media?
And at last, which one is more comfortable and reliance, the media or the social media?
Traditional Media v/s Social Media
With an ever-growing number of social media news outlets, NEWS is spreading faster than ever. In fact, many people claim to get their news from social media nowadays. 
People are getting addicted to using social media, a huge networking has been established with social media outlets which lead in lacks of the popularity of traditional media.
Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear he wants Facebook to serve as the “world’s newspaper.” Twitter has become a go-to source for breaking news as it’s quick, convenient and informative. WhatsApp is the most common source of sharing information as WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app with the most active user after the facebook. Linkedin is the largest professional group networking sites.
Marketing point of view –
While most advertising (traditional media) is designed for mass consumption, social media involves one on one marketing.  That means the message should appear addressed to individual users.  Hence, marketers need to understand their target market on each network so messages appear tailored to the individual.  While you may have a broad target market, the ones on Facebook may be entirely different from the ones on YouTube and adapting your approach in each network is key to your success.
Social networks increasingly replace more traditional communities and this is what draws billions of people into social networks and convinces them to spend significant time engaging in the social network. The trick of social media marketing success is to join this community and harness its power.
Highlights with some points –
Social Media                     Traditional Media

Two-way conversation
Open system
One-on-one marketing
Brand and User-generated Content
Authentic content
FREE platform
Actors: Users/ Influencers
Community decision-making
Unstructured communication
Real time creation
Bottom-up strategy
Informal language
Active involvement
One-way conversation
Closed system
Mass marketing
Professional content
Polished content
Paid platform
Actors/ Celebrities
Economic decision-making
Controlled communication
Pre-produced/ scheduled
Top-down strategy
Formal language
Passive involvement

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