These are the digital marketing success stories of my proud students.

(I have 100% placement records till now)


  • Utkarsh Kumar, Founder –

“I came to Jaipur back in 2016 with some dream in my eyes and to start my engineering life too. It was one semester gone and I realized that this is not my cup of tea so I thought to quit it but my friends and my teachers all forced me to finish it. With hundreds of questions in my mind without thinking much I pursued. I wasn’t living my life, it was passing day by day since one of my friends told me about Digital Marketing; I Goggled at the moment and then I foundAbhayRanjan sir and we talked. I asked him everything and started my Digital Marketing coaching with him the next day. I was much attached to him maybe because he was also an engineer so it was better for him to understand my situation. After my coaching was completed I took some freelancing projects and did a job for a time period. After 2 years I am still in touch with the Senior Engineer AbhayRanjan now know to be the best Digital Marketer in Jaipur, I always see myself in him.

I finally started my own Digital Marketing Agency in Moradabad (my hometown) without fearing from its up and running state, I never cry on loss rather I take lessons from it. So I don’t have a fear of failure.

But with all my knowledge and support from my Guru, I have full faith and trust in what I am doing and I know I will be the one helping others with their business and their profession with my Digital Marketing agency and I will succeed”.

  • Gaurav Khunteta – Founder,

“Without you whatever stage I have achieved in Digital Marketing up until now, wouldn’t have been possible. Keep on guiding sir I am blessed to have you. Today, I have my own digital marketing agency, I have written an ebook on Email Marketing & also, launching my educational startup”.


  • Abhishek Meena – Digital Marketing ExecutiveDigital marketing jobs in jaipur
  • Nikhil Goklani – Founder, Bewesocial

“I am into digital field from years but, the day I started the training under Abhay Ranjan sir, I started discovering myself. Within a month, I started my website and rank for the top in my city, Jodhpur. I am on a mission to build “Best Digital Marketing Agency in Jodhpur” & I know, I will make this in existence very soon.

“I have learned each and everything in digital marketing by Abhay Sir. Most important, his magic tricks to rank for keywords. I rank for all my keywords. Today, I am running a super successful blog because of his guidance and mentorship.

“I am into the travel industry from the last ten years. I was doing offline marketing for my business. During COVID19, I thought to explore my mode of marketing & to adopt digital marketing. I researched a lot to find out a perfect mentor, I discovered Abhay Ranjan sir. I have gone with many calls with him & discussed everything. Then, I started the training. I must, it is result-oriented training, I have got results in a month, I have made my business discoverable and it is ranking for making business now”.

  • Nishika – Founder,
  • Megha Agrawal – Digital Marketing Executive
  • Kanika – Freelance Digital Marketer
  • Pratham Mittal – Social Media Executive,
  • Libin John – Digital Marketing Manager
  • Abhishek Kumar – Digital Marketing Executive
  • Mudrika – Freelance Digital Marketer
  • Ved Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager & Founder,
  • Kunal – Digital Marketing Executive
  • Vanshika Patni – Freelance Digital Marketer
  • Pragya Sanghi – Freelance Digital Marketer
  • Sidhi Agrawal – Digital Marketing Executive
  • Sapna Jain – Founder,
  • Vikram Kumawat – Digital Marketer cum Graphics Designer
  • Himanshu – Digital Marketer