These are the simple ways to start on YouTube –

Step 1 – Create your YouTube Channel

Step 2 – Complete your Channel Profile

Step 3 – Upload a Video

Step 4 – Gain the Audiences through Promotion

Step 5 – Monetize the Video

Step 6 – Set Up the Google Adsense Account

Step 7 – Start Earning

How to Make Money from Youtube

These are the basic questions related to YouTube Earning –

Q 1. When did our Earning Starts on YouTube?

– Your earning will start when your channel got 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. You can apply for monetization at any time after this.


Q 2. How would we get to know?

– After your channel got 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers, your channel is automatically reviewed to make sure it complies with the YouTube Partner Program terms and our Community Guidelines. You will get mail from YouTube. You can also check it on your YouTube Channel Creator Studio.


Q 3. How can my videos make money?

– Once your video is submitted and approved for monetization, YouTube will place ads inside or near the video. After you’ve associated an AdSense account with your YouTube account, you will earn revenue that is generated from the ads.


Q 4. How much will a video earn?

– Earnings will depend on a number of factors. The two key factors are the type of ads and the pricing of ads appearing with your videos.


Q 5. Which type of videos is eligible?

– Your Videos must own worldwide commercial usage rights to everything in the video and the video must follow the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines to be eligible.


Q 5. Is there any charge to work on YouTube?

– No, there is no any charge for creating an account, uploading videos & more.


Q 6. How can I receive payment from YouTube?

– You will receive payment through Adsense account linked to your YouTube channel. Open the “Payment settings” page for your AdSense account and use the “Form of payment” section to choose how you would like to receive your payments.



Best of Luck.

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