Instagram has started a ‘Born on Instagram’ creator course to teach creators how to succeed on Instagram.

How to join this program –

  • Go to or type on Google ‘Born on Instagram’.
  • Complete registration part –
  • Go to ‘Creator Course’ and click on ‘Get Started’.
  • The course has 4 modules
  1. PART – I: Manage Your Presence

  2. PART – II: Create

  3. PART – III: Grow

  4. PART – IV: Earn Money

When you will pass the all modules, you will get a certificate like this.


Watch this video to know the complete process (Subscribe to Youtube Channel to pass this course).


What is born on Instagram course fees?

It is completely free.

What is born on Instagram eligibility?

No such eligibility criteria.

Where to get born on the Instagram certificate?

You will get it after you pass the exam.

Is born on Instagram course free


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