If you want to promote your business in 2020, you need to go with the paid promotion.

You can’t promote your business without running ads on Digital Networks in 2020.

But, there are few platforms left that allow us to promote our business free of cost.

But, these are very limited.

I am into the digital marketing field for last 5 to 6 years and I am following the digital marketing trends thoroughly from the last few years.

I am a witness of the trends in digital marketing.

Organic growth is coming to an end.

As I never go with any paid approach for the promotion of my product and services.

So, I perform very hardcore research on organic growth on different performs.

I am doing this in 2020 also.

Best Social Media Platforms for Organic Growth in 2020

And, I am seeing that there are only two platforms left for organic growth.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. TikTok

I used to post my content related to digital marketing tips and train on these two platforms on a regular basis.

I am experimenting with every kind of effort to make my post more visible in my networks organically.

I own 10,000 plus followers on LinkedIn, when I share my post with perfect strategy, I used to get 25% of reach minimum on this two platforms, which is very high as a comparison to other platforms because I am highly active on those platforms also.

My few organic results of LinkedIn, see the reach.

Best Social Media Platforms for Organic Growth in 2020

Best Social Media Platforms for Organic GrowthFacebook and Instagram is doing this because they want to make more money with paid advertisements. people are not getting that much of reach so they are paying to the Facebook ad for getting reach.

Quora is also good platform for online branding.

Pinterest is also good platform for Organic Growth.

You just need to learn the art of using these platforms.

If you keep creating content on regular basis on these platforms then you will get huge amount of traffic.

Start with this source from today.

All the best.