Blog Title – Best Free Backlink Analysis Tools

What is a Backlink?

In very simple words, a backlink is your website link which is placed on another website.

It is the type of link which has potential to improve the ranking and credibility of your website in Search Engine.

Backlink should come from those websites which have high & good page rank from your website or blog.


best free backlinks analysis tools

How to check backlinks of a website?


You can check backlinks of any website with the help of these backlink analysis tools.


Some of them are free & some of them are free. You can also take the trial of these tools for some sort of help.

The only way to rank high in any search engine is to build as much quality links to your website.

To do so, you need to analyze backlinks of your competitors, so that you can also build quality links there.

Best tools for Backlink Analysis

  1. Ahref
  2. Semrush
  3. Buzzsumo
  4. Open Link Profile
  5. Open Site Explorer
  6. Back Link Watch
  7. Majestic SEO
  8. Monitor Backlink
  9. SEO Powersuit
  10. Linkody
  11. Cognitive SEO
  12. Link Research Tool

Hope these tools help you in backlink analysis.

If you face any problem in accessing any tools then feel free to contact me through contact us form.