Google Optimize

Google Analytics has announced Smart, Fast-Acting Analytics for Everyone – “Google Optimize“.

It will come into action from next month. Google Optimize is a free version of Google Optimize 360 – a well-known enterprise-class testing and personalization product from Google.

Google Optimizer will be available globally from next month which includes enhancements to many of existing free products.

Google Optimize offers AB testing, website testing & personalization tools for small & large enterprises to help deliver engaging customer experiences.

It has two version – Optimize & Optimize 360. Find the technical differences below.

Optimize vs. Optimize 360
Source – Google


How it will be helpful in coming time –

It will be helping business in delivering personalized customer experiences.

This tool will help businesses improve their customer experiences and business metrics. Because it’s built on top of Google Analytics, businesses can use their existing information to experiment and personalize site experiences with minimal setup requirements.

It will enable businesses to easily spot and share insights, and collaborate to drive better decisions.

It will be helpful in highlighting complete visibility of customer journey in coming time.

It will help businesses with more data in Google Analytics so that they can use session quality score to provide better customer experiences and/or re-market to their most engaged website visitors.

The new data-metric now will come up with more personalized customer experiences in Google Analytics –

Google Optimize

It will help businesses in competing customer experience and personalized marketing so that businesses can drive better online consumer experiences.

Stay tuned for more update on Google Optimize.